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 “He can tailor-make a workout routine to accommodate any set of personal goals.”

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Lordson J is a Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer living in, and changing lives, in Central FL and worldwide, with custom training programs and targeted routines

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    Programs from Lordson J

    Personal Training

    Personal Training

    One on one or small group strength training and weight loss in person.

    Online Training

    Online Training

    Convenience based fitness for clients to access a trainer or instructor online.

    Customized Routines

    Customized Routines

    Personalized and tailored fitness programs based on your goals.

    Accountability Training

    Accountability Training

    Coaching and information used to hold you accountable to your fitness goals.

    Lordson Strong

    About Lordson J

    Hi! My name is Lordson Jonassaint, I am the founder and CEO of Lordsonstrong Inc. A major part of my life is health and fitness, its my mission to help and inspire others to achieve their goals.

    In my early years, I developed bad habits and wasn’t active enough. When I realized that I could receive a scholarship to help pay for my future education, I had a mental shift. I started playing sports through my public school: football, weightlifting, wrestling and track and field. Training was tough on the body but also the mind, this is where I started to learn how much I could handle when I put my mind to it.

    After graduating high school, I received a scholarship to play football where I actually had to gain weight for my position, adding XXX number of pounds. I was injured from playing football, a humbling ACL injury that ended my football aspirations. That’s when I shifted, I didn’t want to dwell on what I couldn’t do and started to form a new path for my life and what I could do. I started to train and implement significant changes in my diet (around tracking, meal prepping, trying new approaches) and the transformation began.

    This shift led me to bodybuilding. At first, it was bodybuilding then mens physique. Eventually, finding my home in the classic physique division where I feel I’m most competitive. It has been a wonderful journey and I am here to share my experience with all of you. I’ve been training since 2013 and it has been a fun ride to teach and guide people along their journey.

    I believe the best way to attain your goals is to make it your lifestyle. Find balance (this part takes work) and enjoy life.

    Lordson Strong

    Best personal trainer ever, not only is he highly qualified ( proper education ), he has the experience as an athlete, the passion and the heart to take you to your goals.

    Give yourself a chance to start on the right track with a trainer that can guide u through with the proper techniques that can only come with higher education.

    Carolina Forde

    Amazing trainer! Sometimes as a woman you run in to creepy trainers and this guy is not one of them. He’s all about his business and helping you reach your goals! What a legend.

    Rachel Katz

    I went from squatting 185 to squatting 335 on low bar through this mans training, in addition I also gained an immense amount of muscle! I went from a slightly fit 158 to a top weight of 178.5lbs, and feeling great. Whatever my goal was he was there to help and guide me until I was satisfied

    Dylan Gagnon

    I’ve been working with Lordson for over 7 years. He has that unique and rare combination of advanced techniques and knowledge, tempered with personal athletic experience. He can tailor-make a workout routine to accommodate any set of personal goals. I’ve worked with him for specific sport objectives and we’ve been able to design routines that really work for me.

    Robert Stanfill

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