Lordson Jonassaint is a young fitness entrepreneur who enjoys the scientific process and finesse it takes to achieve your fitness goals.
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About Lordson Jonassaint

Using the dual approach of science and finesse, young fitness entrepreneur Lordson Jonassaint’s methods guide you to your fitness goals. A graduate in exercise science as well as a personal trainer, Lordson draws his wide breadth of knowledge in athletic/sport training to help you find not just what you’d like to achieve, but how to achieve it. One of the main tenets of his philosophy is his brand, Lordson_Strong. In his own words, “This is how much I believe in what I do.” The root of the brand, of the mentality comes from “the_strong”, as in it takes a strong mind, strong heart and strong belief in the process. The process can be quite simple on paper but the road is not linear.

“The ultimate trophy is keeping a well, sound, aesthetic body year round. The possibility is there, remember this is a lifestyle, meaning your body won’t change tomorrow but when you get there, you can stay there with what I teach you”.

In addition to training and fitness pursuits, Lordson Jonassaint is also a notable NPC competitor in various categories that include bodybuilding, men’s physique and most recently, classic physique. In 2014 Lordson entered his first competition and won, being named Tampa Typhoon champion in heavyweight category, as well as Hurricane Bay champion shortly thereafter. This was followed by placing 4th in the Southeastern USA championship and first in all South championships.

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